Looking for the best dating site affiliate programs for 2019. Allow me to help! Links to sign up for each and my experiences with each of the best programs. I also share which dating affiliate programs convert the best.

best dating affilaite programs

Dating site affiliate program reviews

I’ve had my business model copied so many times over at www.DatingWebsiteReview.net that I figured why not share some of the best dating affiliate programs and save you some time.

I read, write, and share all things related to online dating full-time and I think my loyal visitors come back for the overall resources I offer rather than just a collection of links; so I am fairly open about the best affiliate programs for online dating and I offer this page to help anyone looking to locate those programs. For those of you dead set on setting up a dating site reviews site knock yourselves out. You can save some time and follow the road map here.

Also, this content is specifically tailored to those of you who have widely read blogs or websites which are not review sites but rather entertainment and news blogs. The intent is to help save you time in finding the best dating affiliate programs; dating site with the best b2b offers that will pay for your traffic.

For now I have just listed off some of my favorite affiliate programs but as I noted below we are also working on putting together a place where we’ll compare the top affiliate programs and also call out those programs that either do not pay or do not provide a good enough user experience to convert sales. This site is a webmaster resource to compare dating affiliate offers for a B2B perspective…and yes it too will have transparent public reviews with all the facts about each dating affiliate program.

Adult webcam affiliate program reviews

We have also separated out our adult webcam affiliate program reviews and now made this updated page all-inclusive of just adult cam affiliate programs. Those in the online dating industry realize relationships come in all different types and sometimes adults use services of this nature.  Adult cams convert well alongside dating offers. If you want to see just the adult webcam affiliate links head over to this page. (also I have added two of the very best adult webcam affiliate programs here as well as linked to the signup pages.

First off, chaturbate affiliate program which operates Chaturbate is the best adult webcam affiliate program as far as keeping registrants coming back for years and years thus earning you more income over time; therefore for those looking long term that is the best program to use. You can register here. However, I suggest you also diversify and use this other program for short term income in addition. If you promote both you will have both a growing residual income and good checks in the short term as well. That other program I suggest is called the LiveJasmine affiliate program or AWE affiliate program. That signup is located here.

Dating affiliate programs that convert the best

Otherwise, here is a partial list of some of the best dating affiliate programs. Join those that you think fit your site or blogs traffic the best. REMEMBER, it is always about matching your traffic to what is most appealing to the visitor and not just blasting the highest paying online dating affiliate program.

adult dating affiliate program reviews
dating affiliate program reviews

Dating site affiliate program reviews is a new webmaster resource. Check back for updates as the page is developed and more dating affiliate programs are added to our list of what we would consider the overall online dating affiliate programs.

UPDATE: We are now also listing all dating affiliate programs that are a in some cases solid sites but take advantage of marketers. This can cost marketers tons of money and end up being a HUGE WASTE OF YOUR TIME. Therefore, if your screw us YES, we are going to tell others about it. 🙂

Also, if you are considering starting your own dating site then check out this page.

Every year we also share what has been in our experience the best online dating affiliate program to work with. This past years it has been FriendFinderNetwork operated by Medley who offers the Adultfriendfinder affiliate programYou can join the Program here and promote their dating site on your website or blog. For each person that joins as a paid member you are paid $50.00. It is also a great site and (IMO) the leading site for adult dating which is a dodgy space to say the least. Therefore, with this well populated site you can still feel good about sharing a site where the odds are good people will be happy with the site they are joining.

As far as the best niche dating affiliate programs from a business-to-business perspective here are the top programs that we suggest you join and try out, depending of course on the content that you publish and the type of traffic that you have. (You’ll note a fair amount of these also land in the adult dating niche) As I noted below, for the mainstream dating affiliate programs most of these can be found at CJ or CommissionJunction.com. Considering most people I talk to have websites that are tailored to specific audiences the niche sites are oftentimes what people are looking for which is why we have taken the time to collect and share the list of programs we work with.

  • NoStringsAttached.com affiliate program  http://nostringsattached.com
  • PimpMansion.com also has a variety of up-and-coming sites like Xdating.com and HorneyMatches.com – you can join those high-paying adult affiliate programs here.
  • I can also strongly suggest http://www.datinggold.com for AmatuerMatch.com, xxxdating, and WebCamClub Affiliate programs. All of which convert nicely. You can sign up here at the datinggold banner below…
  • ShareASale.com also has a variety of great online dating affiliate programs as well – Join shareasale.com, Earn Cash!
  • AGAIN, MAKE SURE YOU JOIN THIS ONE —- Adultfriendfinder affiliate program: Join the Program here

Here are some others. I will update this shortly as well.

Check back for regular updates!

….and make sure to cross reference the categories above as well