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Top Dating Affiliate Programs for 2015

Looking for the best dating site affiliate programs for 2015. Allow me to help! Links to sign up for each and my experiences with each of the best programs. I also share which dating affiliate programs convert the best. Dating site affiliate program reviews I’ve had my business model copied so many times over at that I figured why not share some of the best dating affiliate programs and save you some time. I read, write, and share all things related

ScoresLive Affiliate Program Sign-up and Reviews

ScoresLive Affiliate Program Sign-up and Reviews First of, just as matter of fill disclosure, the ScoresLive affiliate program for adult webcams pays 10% to all webmasters who refer other webmasters that send traffic which converts. UPDATE: This program is a HUGE PASS ALTOGETHER and recieves a super low trust score now as they did not update affiliate when they converted to a WL and started paying a ridiculously low .30 (thirty cents per lead.) AVOID Scores live. You will not