How to make money with online dating affiliate programs using Facebook!

Hi webmasters. Let’s face it, Affiliate Marketing is a lot of work and so I have to apologize as  I have neglected Dating Affiliate Program Reviews lately in an effort to increase our own business. However, I am back today to share with you a online dating affiliate marketing tips How to make money with online dating affiliate programs using Facebook!

  • Facebook Fanpages might seem to be obvious to most but it’s not just about having a page it’s about how to use that page. So let’s pretend you’re promoting ad adult dating site such as Adult Friend Finder. Perhaps a sexy models page is really what you want and than on every other post what you will want to do is share your offer. Perhaps your promotion or something in the Asian dating niche. Then perhaps a page called Sexy Asian Models. Yes, you’ll need a source for images that you can use on a regular basis. Once you have that it’s just a matter of signing up and creating content!

You can register for the affiliate program here or the Adult Friend Finder Affiliate program here.  See our full list of the best dating affiliate programs.

  • Facebook Dating Site Ads – First off there is a great article here on how to place Facebook ads for dating sites as they are often rejected unless you follow those guidelines. DO NOT PIGEON HOLE YOURSELF THOUGH WITH BUYING ADS TO MUCH. Focus on organic lead development and free promotion. The more ads you guy the harder you have to work. Also consider comparing your ad results on Facebook against ads on the Google Ad Network (Google AdWords). Most of the time the Google AdWords ads will outperform Facebook ads when it comes to promoting dating site offers. Also, many dating site affiliate programs do not allow Facebook promotion so double-check that first to make sure your using the accepted promotion methods.

    Did you know that Online dating is the 3rd largest online industry, larger than even porn!
    Did you know that Online dating is the 3rd largest online industry, larger than even porn! Music and movies, then online dating are the big 3 online industries! 
  • Start a Facebook Group – FB Groups and Google Plus Pages now as well as communities are now great ways to encourage interactions around the chosen topic. People will actually aggregate content around the communities as well building link value if you own the group, page, or community and building your online credibility as well. Say for example you are promoting a gay dating blog? Create a Google Plus Page and Community as well as a Facebook Group and then post regularly. Google Plus is growing fast and by being an early adopter your community can grow fast and large over time as more people start to use Google Plus. That is already starting to happen mind you. Also, if it’s really a gay dating blog we suggest this affiliate program…. Gay Friend Finder Affiliate Sign-up page.
  • Adding Friends and Making Relevant Comments – Let  me let you in on a little secret. Making relevant comment on fan pages while being careful not to spam can generate loads of like and click-throughs and if your offer landing page is well written this can spell lots of sales. So here is a HOT tip. Visit, find the shows on tonight, and then go leave comments on those pages about how you love the show and then leave a link in a P.S. style. This leads to load of interested click backs and often won’t be judged as spam! 🙂 You have to be smart about how you use Facebook as they are very quick to judge you comments to be spam.

Remember, it’s all about the offers and always choosing a dating site that people already like and has a strong brand name. The second key to success is chosing a program that is already established as one that has a high converting landing page and a high payout.

Lastly, you can choose between revenue share or payout per sale depending on you own preference! Don’t forget to value time though when you make that selection. A dollar today is worth a lot more than a dollar tomorrow as you can be using those dollars to grow your affiliate business. These are all factors in why we suggest AFF or as one of our favorites. You can sign-up to promote their affiliate program here.

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Here ‘s to your success with dating site affiliate programs in 2014!

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