ScoresLive Affiliate Program Sign-up and Reviews

ScoresLive Affiliate Program Sign-up and Reviews

scoreslive affiliate programs

First of, just as matter of fill disclosure, the ScoresLive affiliate program for adult webcams pays 10% to all webmasters who refer other webmasters that send traffic which converts.

UPDATE: This program is a HUGE PASS ALTOGETHER and recieves a super low trust score now as they did not update affiliate when they converted to a WL and started paying a ridiculously low .30 (thirty cents per lead.)

AVOID Scores live. You will not make any money on this program AT ALL.

Our top recommedation goes to AWE – the LiveJasmin affilite program. Register for that program or get more details here.


Below are our experience with this program and also information for others to sign-up.

Keep in mind that this is the place to rank and share experiences using both adult webcam affiliate program and dating affiliate programs. So let’s talk about scoreslive affiliate program.

Flexibility of payout options:  ScoresLive excels here in the variety of ways you can get paid but we also stick with lifetime revenue share as that makes the most sense for most serious affiliate marketing professionals. Besides 5 ways to earn commissions from traffic that you send this site there is also a wide variety of ways to collect your payments; again a nice feature for any affiliate program.  The bits of info that are most critical to those promoting adult webcams are the pps or pay per sale and the rev share amount. As a newbie the pps is high at $100.00 per paid sign-up. The lifetime revenue share  is 20% but in some cases as you send more traffic that goes up. Details and specifics on that are at the signup page below.

Amount of Commission:  You can choose between pay per sale or Revenue share. PPS

Conversion Ratio: The conversion ratios seemed to average out at around 540 per signup.

Helpfulness of Affiliate Rep:   We’ve noted that the support for this program does not always monitor their inbox and so at times  it’s been necc. to email mor than once. Besides that we cannot ding them for much else.

Knowledge of Affiliate Rep: Always has been timely. We get the impression that they must train their support representatives well as they are informed on what links work best for what and also can offer other affiliate marketing tips if you are promoting their scoreslive site.

Overall Quality of Program: I can give this program a solid 7 in my book.


UPDATED: This site did not even email affiliate and basically abandoned their site and used affliates traffic to push off on a WL site. Not the way to do business. We will never ever promote a service or product from ScoresLive again and would caution other affiliates from doing so.

It would be nice if they had more brands besides the scores live site but I am pleased with the quality of their main brand and the conversion rates seem to land around industry average. I also like the simplicity of the links building page.

You can sign-up for the Scores Live Affiliate Program (REMOVED) for rather shady non-disclosure. Link replaced with reputable program (AWE).

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Flexibility of payout options
Amount of Commission
Conversion Ratio
Helpfulness of Affiliate Rep
Knowledge of Affiliate Rep
Overall Quality of Program
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ScoresLive Affiliate Program Sign-up and Reviews, 7.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating