The best Adult Webcams Affiliate Program for 2014

Typically here at Dating Affiliate Program reviews we discuss online dating affiliate programs and solutions for publishers to better monetize their traffic via cost per action and revenue share offers but I also would be remiss if I failed to acknowledge that in the last year Adult Cam affiliate programs have exploded. The ability to make a very considerable sum of money is ever-present and appears to be growing. Adult cams are here to stay and for millions of men they are replacing the burden of parking out back of seedy strip joints. It’s not just in the U.S. either that adult webcams are growing in popularity, it is globally. The fact is that these day people HD webcams are inexpensive and high-speed connections are more readily available. These two factors have led to the virtual explosion in the adult cam affiliate business. So which programs are the best?

The best Adult Webcams Affiliate Program for 2014

Well truth be told there are tons of options and more being added everyday. However, the best converting adult cam program for us has been this one!

Why we chose that one. The thing is you want to work with a company that you can trust will not shave sign-ups and you want a program with a vast amount of flexibility and creatives. Creatives, if your new to affiliate marketing are simply banners. You also want an adult cam program with the highest revenue share if you’re in it for the long run. Keep in mind adult cam are quite addictive for men. best adult cams affiliate programs(Okay so perhaps sex is the addictive part and that has little to do with cams) My point is over time on a revenue split of 30% you can make a considerable amount of money. Consider this. If a guy signs up and uses the site you direct him to sign up at just once a week for ten minutes. In such a case their monthly spend maybe around $ 100.00. If you have 10 people do the same thing that is $1,000.00. If your split is 30% you just made $ 3.00 off 10 guys. Now imagine that ones is really, really into camming. You get the idea right?

Now consider if you promoted the site well over a year or two and had over 100 people using the site at a 30% revenue split. Perhaps you can see why not that adult dating affiliate programs are great but you should always consider that is your publishing site will allow it, cams are definitely worth considering. There are creatives that show no nudity and if you have a high traffic site or are creative in methods to get sing-ups you can do really well!

Here  is our pick for the best Adult Cam Affiliate program